5 Of My Favorite Baby Products As A Newborn Photographer And Mom


Creating a registry for a new addition can be so difficult. Trust me, I’ve been there a few times! Through my time as a mama and a newborn photographer, I have quickly learned some of my favorite baby products so I want to share them with you!

My 5 Favorite Baby Products Not Only As A Newborn Photographer, But As A Mama

1. Hatch

If you haven’t heard of Hatch, it’s a noise machine and wake clock. It is a blessing. My walls are so thin, so I have one of these for each of my kiddos and one in the studio! I absolutely love all the features it has to offer. You can set up a lullaby to start for a bedtime routine and then noise throughout the night while they’re sleeping. It can also be a wake clock where it turns green when toddlers are allowed to wake and get up, or it can turn off at a certain time to allow kids to wake up independently. I have the kind that lights up and my kiddos love that they can personalize the colors to what they want. It also operates over bluetooth and is super easy to travel with. My family absolutely loves our Hatch machines!

2. Comotomo Teether

The Comotomo Teether is another one of my favorites! It’s all silicone, so it’s easy to sterilize. You also don’t have to worry about mold like other animal teethers! Due to its shape, it’s also super easy for younger babies to hold on and grasp. There are bumps on the teether for gum soothing and it’s easy to attach to holders so it doesn’t fall. 

3. Halo Bassinest

The Halo Bassinest is my all time favorite bassinest. It is a game changer. It swivels and height adjusts for the bed. This bassinest is especially perfect for nursing mamas, because the sides go down. It has mesh sides for breathing and a sturdy bottom. You can keep this for all of your kiddos and simply just replace the mattress! I used it with all of my kiddos and lent it to a family member, and it’s still in perfect condition!

4. Baby Shusher

I use the Baby Shusher in the studio and every single one of my clients love it! It operates on a 30 minute timeframe and automatically shuts off with two variations. The shushing idea is one piece of “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp. The book explains the 5 steps to soothe a baby, and I use all of them in my newborn photography work! Baby Shusher is also super easy to travel with.

5. Halo Swaddles

Halo swaddles are super easy to use! They also have double zippers for middle of the night diaper changes. There are so many patterns available at different warmth levels. You can typically find them locally at Target and Kohl’s. Halo swaddles are what is given in hospitals and promotes safe sleep by saying, “Back is best.”

I hope you love all of my favorite baby products and this helps you fill your registry with all the things you’ll need for your new arrival! If you’re in the Grafton, Wisconsin area and want to chat about a session for your newborn, fill out the form on my contact page to inquire about booking your session!

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