Lifestyle vs. Posed Newborn Sessions


Many times I have clients ask me to explain a little bit about the kinds of newborn sessions I do. While it can sometimes be hard to explain, I’m going to try my best to show you the difference in this blog post, and hopefully help you decide which one will be best for you and your little one!

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Lifestyle sessions are done in your home, and they capture the entire family in candid images. I love capturing you interacting with your baby, rocking, nursing and everyone gathered around in the wonder of the new arrival. I tend to spend most of the session in a living space (living room/den, ect), parents bedroom, and of course the nursery!

Reasons to Choose a Lifestyle Session

You should for sure choose a lifestyle session if you love candid, non-posed images, natural light and want to include the entire family. Here’s a few other reasons to choose one!

  • No real age limit, lifestyle newborns can be done at any point up to three months!
  • You don’t have to leave your home!
  • If you have shy kiddos/ toddlers, they may participate more if they’re in their own home
  • Candid images capture natural moments
  • You can add on a Newborn Video!

Lifestyle sessions are for sure the way to go if you want to feature your home and your connections. Keep in mind I do not bring any props, and will supply only one wrap for our session. If you’re curious if your house has enough natural light, send me some photos and we can decide from there.

Posed Newborn Sessions

Posed newborn sessions are often what people think of when they see my work, as it’s for sure what I’m more known for. I do these sessions in my studio in Grafton and include all of the fun props! If you haven’t had a chance to peek into my studio, check it out here! With these sessions, you can choose to focus on just your new baby, or include yourself and siblings too!

You should choose a posed newborn session if your heart sings at all of the cute wraps and baskets I put newborns in. Here’s a few other reasons you may prefer a posed session!

  • You don’t need to supply anything!
  • No need to clean/prep the house
  • You can decide to focus on just baby
  • Less stress, I do all the work and posing!
  • You can choose colors and the overall style

Both of these newborn sessions are amazing in their own ways, and I hope I’ve helped you decide which one to choose! I love photographing both styles, and would love to help you choose if you still need help!

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