5 Tips To Prepare For Your Studio Maternity Session


When it comes to maternity sessions, you typically have two options on location: studio and outdoors. Having a studio maternity session is a great way to focus more on you. It can also be more dramatic and beautifully artsy. They’re posed and can include significant others as well. Many of my clients go with a studio session because the weather is not a factor and we can keep it as cool and comfortable for you as possible!

Tips To Prep For Your Maternity Session

Once you decide a studio maternity session works best for you, you may be thinking how can I prepare for my session? No worries mama, I got you. 

Here are 5 tips to prepare for your studio maternity session:

  1. Consider The Details

Be sure to consider all the details of your outfit and accessories. Some things you’ll want to think through are:

  • If you want to wear shoes or not! Most of my mamas go barefoot, but cute boots or heels can dress up bodysuits.
  • If you wear any kind of open toe shoe, paint your toenails.
  • Your hands will be on your belly so bring your wedding rings and paint your nails.
  1. Utilize The Client Closet

I offer all my mamas access to my client closet! Or you can check out some of my favorite vendors Mii Estilo, Chicaboo, and Sew Trendy.

  1. Hire A Professional Hair And Makeup Artist

I highly recommend hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your session. The artist can make sure that you look and feel your best. Wearing makeup helps distinguish your face, false lashes make your eyes appear more open, and more! Hiring a professional hair and make up artist can take so much stress off of your session and leave you looking and feeling perfect for our session! 

If you choose to not get your hair and make up professionally done, please apply at least foundation and mascara. Consider curling your hair and leaving it down, but at minimum please tame any frizziness and fly aways!

  1. Dress Your Family Neutrally

If your partner wants to take part in your maternity session, have them dress in neutral colors with no patterns or logos just to make sure you’re still in the spotlight.

  1. Drink Lots Of Water

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to stay hydrated. You’ll want to drink extra water before your maternity session as it is a time commitment, it can be warm in the studio even with a fan on you, and you’ll be changing. It never hurts to drink extra water leading up to your session. A fun fact is staying hydrated also helps your skin tone!

Grafton, Wisconsin Maternity Photography

When it comes to your maternity session, I would ultimately recommend just to relax and have fun! Be sure to wear or pack nude undergarments. Lastly, be sure to not wear glitter or heavy lotion on the day of your session.

So when should you book your session with Tara Fay Photography? I suggest booking your maternity session as soon as you’re out of the first trimester. Summer dates tend to fill up quickly, especially weekends!

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What Is A Client Closet?

So what is a client closet and how do you use it? My client closet is full of outfits, wraps, jewelry, and dresses! Check out this blog post to read more about my client closet and how I suggest clients use it!

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