no photographer wants to spend hours every day working on administrative tasks & backend work

For the photographer who's stressed out, overwhelmed and looking to simplify their business practices and create a better client experience

Are you a photographer looking to streamline your business operations and save valuable time? Look no further! Tara Fay Photography offers specialized Customer Relationship Management services through HoneyBook and can tailor these management services to photographers like you. With our expertise in setting up this powerful CRM platform, you can say goodbye to administrative hassles and focus on what you do best – capturing beautiful moments. From configuring email templates to automating workflows and integrating calendars, we’ll ensure that HoneyBook becomes your ultimate business companion. Let me take care of the setup process, so you can reclaim your time and deliver exceptional photography services to your clients with ease. Say hello to efficiency and growth with our personalized HoneyBook setup services!

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How It Works

Fill out our contact form and then you’ll be sent a questionnaire that allows us to get to know you and your business and will direct you towards the package that will best suit your needs.


How It Works

After the questionnaire is completed and I have identified the best package for your needs, I will send you our investment guide and you will get to make a selection on what will work best for you.


How It Works

Next, to really get to know you and your business, I will send you another, more in depth questionnaire with all of the bells and whistles and a link to Google Drive so that you can upload everything needed for your Honeybook setup. During this process, we’ll also set up your VIP date or find a start date for your custom setup!


How It Works

I’ll end the process by providing you with a custom recorded Loom video explaining the setup process and how your new Honeybook service will work. This is where you’ll ask any questions you may have and we can hammer out all of the details.


How It Works

Finally, you get to sit back and enjoy how much extra free time and how much less stress you will have with your new, fully set up Honeybook system!

step five: ENJOY!

Find the service that's perfect for you


Individual Services

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From half-day to VIP setup services, let Tara Fay Photography find the perfect package for you and your business. We currently offer a wide range of packages from half-day, full-day, VIP, and a la carte services.

Offer Four

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kind words from clients

Tara was responsive, detail-oriented, and walked me through each workflow that she created for me.

"My sales have gone up, and my clients love how easy it is to see all of my offerings, and I’m loving having more time with my girls. If you’re looking for someone to help you with anything Honeybook-related, I would fully recommend Tara!”

- Jordan Lynn Photography

“Honeybook felt so overwhelming to me, so I knew I wanted someone to help me set it up."

Time-Saving Solutions: HoneyBook Templates for Sale to Elevate Your Photography Business

We recognize that your time is valuable and we want to help you maximize your potential! Tara Fay Photography offers specialized HoneyBook setup services tailored to photographers like you. With our expertise Honeybook setup and services, you can say goodbye to administrative hassles and focus on what you do best – capturing beautiful moments. 

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  • Kick off Zoom Call
  • Branding Set Up
  • Up to 2 Workflows
  • Up to 3 Smart Files
  • 7 Email Templates
  • Loom Walk Through
  • 1 Day of Voxer Support

Honeybook Pricing


full vip day

From fully done for you set ups, to individual smart files, I'm here to help you! Once you submit a contact form, I'll send along a questionnaire to help guide you to the best service for you.

half vip day

Custom Honeybook Set Up

  • Kick off Zoom Call
  • Branding Set up (fonts/colors)
  • Up to 6 Workflows
  • Up to 10 Smart Files (pricing guides/questionaires)
  • Up to 3 Scheduler Appointments
  • 7 Email templates
  • Inquiry response/2 follow up emails/Sign Your contract/After booking/ Appointment Reminder/ Ask for a Review
  • Loom Walk through of Set Up
  • 2 Revisions, if needed
  • Voxer support for 1 week
  • Kick off Zoom Call
  • Branding Set Up
  • Up to 4 Workflows
  • 6 Smart Files
  • 7 Email Templates
  • Loom Walk Through
  • 1 revision, if necessary
  • 3 Days Voxer Support



Branding Set Up

  • Add Brand Colors & Fonts
  • Custom Signature
  • Add Logos 
  • Design & Embed Contact Form
  • Sync Gmail Calendar
  • Upload Contract
  • Create ONE proposal (contract/invoice)

estimated time to complete- 8 Hours

estimated time to complete- 4 Hours

estimated time to complete: 2-3 Weeks

Individual Services


  • Custom Design based off old pricing guide or questionnaire
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Great for pricing guides, welcome guides, or questionnaires

Individual Smart File


Basic Email Template Creation

  • 7 General email templates 
  • Inquiry response
  • 2 Follow Ups
  • Sign Your Contract
  • After booking
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Ask For a Review


  • Up to 3 Custom Appointments

Scheduler Set Up

This guide walks you through 10 steps to start your Honeybook journey, plus access to my newsletter filled with tips, tricks and coupons!

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