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No matter what photographer you choose, many sessions come with a limited amount of digital images. Choosing images can be so difficult even for me! I always have to stop and think about what I want to use the images for. From birth announcements, holiday cards, wall art, or an album, the options are endless! Some do better with more images such as albums and wall art, whereas others need sets of images that work perfectly together like getting images of each kiddo, details in a newborn session, or the progression of a cake smash. In either case, you may want to consider purchasing additional images, but what do you need to think about before purchasing more? I have all the questions you need to ask yourself, mama!

Tips For Choosing And Displaying Images From Your Newborn Session

Choosing images from your newborn session is easily the hardest! About 75% of my clients opt to upgrade to their full gallery for this reason alone. My package comes with 10 images for baby only sessions and 15 for full family sessions.

Some things you should consider are:

  • How many are needed for a birth announcement, most need about 3 to 5 images.
  • If you’d like an album, that means 25 or more images, and making sure to include all those important detailed shots.
  • If you’d like to do a wall display, wall art displays are typically done best in odd numbers such as 3, 5, or 7.
  • With wall displays, consider colors next to each other as well as the color and style of the room it’s in.

Some of my favorite wall art displays are rows of details, squares of mug shots, and 3 coordinating images.

Tips For Choosing And Displaying Images From Your Family Photo Session

When it comes to family photography sessions, it’s important to think about what the photos will be used for. Will you be using them for Christmas or holiday cards? How many do you need for the card layout? You’ll also want to consider individuals of each kiddo to hand out. You can also create a family calendar, my sister-in-law does this every year as a Christmas gift and everyone loves it! An album would be a great gift idea for grandparents. I offer discounts for purchasing 2 or more of the same album. For family sessions, my package includes 15 images.

choosing images

My favorite ways to display family images are:

  • Individual of each kiddo
  • One horizontal and two vertical images
  • Gallery wall of images 
Choosing Images, Family Photos

Tips For Choosing And Displaying Images From Your Milestone And Cake Smash Sessions

My package for milestone and cake smash sessions include 15 images. Some things you should consider when choosing images from your milestone and cake smash sessions are:

  • How many images you’d like to use for their birthday party invitations.
  • What images you would like to give out to family and friends to celebrate your kiddo’s milestones.
Choosing Images, Milestone Photography

My favorite ways to display milestone and cake smash images are:

  • Large canvases
  • Tabletop albums
  • Gallery wall of images throughout the milestones
  • Yearly albums to combine all the kiddos sessions in one place
Choosing Images, Grafton, WI Cake Smash Photos

I hope this helps you narrow down how to choose and display your favorite images from your session! Want to chat about what your next session could look like? Fill out the form on my contact page to inquire about booking your session!

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