Mommy & Me Sessions with GlampMKE


Finding GlampMKE

The past winter while scrolling Facebook, my friend CJ posted the CUTEST Harry Potter birthday set up in her home. Of course I clicked on her links and found out she used GlampMKE to completely transform her living room. After checking out their website, I found their outdoor glamping set ups and knew I had to use them for my Mommy & Me sessions!

I emailed Andrea and after a few conversations we decided to work together to make my Mommy & Me sessions happen in May! We chose beautiful Virmond Park in Mequon, which overlooked the bluffs and had some awesome trees and shade for photos outside the tent. Andrea and Shannon were seriously so fun to work with, and if you’re ever looking for a unique birthday party or camping experience, totally go check out their page!

In addition to the super cute inside of the tent, GlampMKE set up the cutest little picnic! We had kiddos give their moms flowers, feed them little cookies, and they of course had to have a cookie too. At around 630 the sun started peeking through the trees for the prettiest light, and we even got to see prom goers come take photos!

I got to photograph seven amazing Mommy and Me sessions, with moms and toddlers, all the way up to moms and their adult children. It was truly an amazing experience to see all of the bonds between the moms and their children. Props to all of the dad’s that came and helped with getting shoes on and off, and making their kiddos laugh!

The Sessions!

Laura and her two girls came in the prettiest mauve dresses and those smiles gave some super cute candid images. They loved pretending to have a tea party and seeing the beautiful water.

Jazmine and her little girl Amaia got to come cuddle on the bed and Amaia fed her mama a cookie! I’ve photographed Amaia from newborn through her first year and it was so nice to see her again!

Pang and her sisters surprised their Mom and younger brother with a session, and it was so fun to learn about the Hmong culture, and that their moms barrette meant Mom!

Julia’s husband got a session for Mother’s Day and I loved seeing her and her kiddos again, Maggie and Ezra are so fun to photograph. Last time I saw Maggie she wasn’t even walking!

I just had to offer a spot to CJ, the woman who got me in touch with Andrea and Shannon, and her two boys! Even though preteen boys will (probably) never tell you, their love for their mama was so apparent!

Lindsay and her four little ones got to come celebrate with their mom, and we all had so many laughs! Its so fun seeing larger sibling groups interact with each other and these guys did not disappoint!

It’s always such an honor to photograph my friends and my last two slots didn’t disappoint, Ashley and her two littles were high energy and tons of smiles! We got some super cute photos with the prettiest sun peeking through.

Marlissa is a great friend and a local photographer too, so photographing her is always so fun. Her two boys (and a little girl on the way!) sure love their mama and it was so cute to see all the hugs and kisses for their little sister too!

I absolutely LOVE mini sessions! They’re such a great way to do something different and fun, and I’m so happy that I got to have these Mommy and Me’s with GlampMKE this year! I hope this is a mini session I can offer for years to come!

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