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If you guys don’t know about my Day in the Life Films yet, you’re totally missing out! Family Films are such a fun way to capture your family and all of the fun interaction. While photos will always be my first love, films showcase your family in real time, and there’s just something about that! My Day in the Life sessions are done in your home, and take about 2/3 hours while we film! A handful of photos are included too.

We started our morning with every kid’s favorite, chocolate chip pancakes! I love getting everyone cooking together, it makes for some wonderful family time, and who doesn’t love sweets! Check out little Madden with that wisk!

I love getting snippets of film getting dressed or in the kid’s rooms! Kids typically feel super comfortable in their rooms and will do things that make them, them! Lucas was having so much fun on his “zipline” and did a few flips for me, while his sister got her hair done.

After getting dressed, what else is there to do in a midwest summer than go outside?! The kids had so much fun on bikes, in the little playhouse and of course swinging.

Who here has heard of the Floor is Lava song? Because, if you haven’t, you gotta go on spotify and check it out! It is a kid favorite and the Brewster family was no exception! I love getting detail shots and these little toes in the sunlight may be some of my favorite.

And then of course, milk and cuddles. What toddler doesn’t love cuddling with mama and reading books! Lucas and Dad played catch and the little ones relaxed on the couch with mama, the PERFECT Sunday afternoon.

Family Films are for sure some of my favorite things to capture, and this family was no exception. From their amazing breakfast and fun outside to cuddles on the couch, I wish every day looked like this!

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