How to Choose Your Photographer


See What They Specialize In

Just like you wouldn’t go to a baker and ask for steak, you have to know what your photographer specializes in! While some photographers shoot many (or all!) genres, some only shoot families, weddings, or things in studio. At Tara Fay Photography, I focus on newborns through their first year (milestone sessions), Cake Smashes, Maternity and Family. Choosing a photographer that excels in a few categories means your photographer has most likely shot many sessions in their specialty and has taken classes and further education in each.

Know and Understand Their Pricing

There are so many different types of pricing for photography! Some have all-inclusive packages, while others limit digitals. If choosing your own images is important to you, make sure your photographer gives a proofing gallery, or allows to to see additional images. My pricing structure includes packages with a set number of digitals, with the option to add more on. I feel that many times having too many images creates issues when deciding which ones to print or include in an album. You can only hang so many photos on your walls!

Be a Licensed and Insured Business

You should always make sure that the photographer and business you use is insured! This helps if any problems arise during or after your session. Licensing is super important with photography, especially newborn photography. Being licensed shows that your photographer is invested and knowledgeable in running a business.

You LOVE Their Style!

Photographers styles vary so greatly that there’s even well-known categories for them. “Light and Airy” or “Bold and Moody” are two styles that many photographers fit into, but it’s more important to look at overall work. Newborn sessions can be lifestyle or posed, and in studio or in your home. And family sessions can be posed or candid. If a certain look is important to you, make sure you see it in their portfolio! I strive to capture emotional, storytelling images that capture your family naturally. My newborn images tend to be more “boho” and my outdoor work more bold and colorful.

Session Times Work for You

Many photographers choose to not work weekends or holidays, or certain nights of the week. That lovely “golden hour” light is only around for about… an hour, and shooting midday will create a much different look! When you chat with your photographer make sure to ask when they hold certain sessions in order to get the images you see in their portfolio. I personally do newborn sessions during weekday mornings, and family sessions right before sunset!

You Like Them as a Person

When you email them, they respond fairly quickly and you like what they have to say! Connecting with a photographer can be as easy as feeling understood in your hopes for your sessions, or being able to voice your opinion on location or colors. You should be able to have a zoom meeting or coffee with your photographer before your session if you want. If that’s not your thing, having great communication in email or messenger is a must! You should be able to be yourself and feel comfortable communicating if you have questions or issues!

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