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Cedarburg newborn photographer discusses props vs. poses when planning session

Before all of my newborn sessions, I send out a questionnaire to help plan which setups, colors, and accessories I’ll use. I love hearing about your nursery details, what you already decorated your home with, and your favorite colors. What’s also important to me as your Cedarburg newborn photographer is if you prefer props (baskets, buckets, and little beds!) or poses (the images of your little one on a fabric backdrop). Although I always try to incorporate both into your session, knowing which is your favorite will allow me to make sure I capture your little one just how you’d like. Keep reading to figure out which is your favorite, and to see more examples!


Prop images can include things like bowls, baskets, little beds and anything else your baby can be put into. Typically these are done wrapped, although I can always incorporate variations of unwrapped in most of these also. As your cedarburg newborn photographer, I use 3-4 props in a session, and also include a few wrapped images on backdrops also. Sometimes I put your newborn in an outfit, but most of the time I include a variation of colors of wraps, layers and sweet little hats in props.


Poses can be a little harder to explain, but as your cedarburg newborn photographer, I consider poses those sweet little naked images, typically on a fabric background. There are SO many poses that I have the option to do in a session. Sometimes clients ask how I choose which poses to do. I tell parents that I follow your baby’s lead. Certain poses can be more difficult if your little one isn’t in a deep sleep (lookin’ at you froggy!) and others are harder if your newborn has a big startle reflex (like being on their backs).

Ultimately, your little one will decide what we do at the session, but there are ways to make your session go smoother! I always send out a prep guide before our session. This prep guide includes things like what to wear, how the session will go, and how to prep your little one. If you want a sneak peek into my prep guide, check out this blog post. Which one is your favorite? If you have an upcoming newborn session with me, send me a message and let me know!

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