Outdoor Maternity Sessions vs. Studio Maternity Session


On the fence about whether to have an outdoor maternity session or do in the studio?

As a mom-to-be, you have a lot of choices to make when it comes to capturing your maternity session. Should you choose a studio maternity session or an outdoor one? I have an amazing client closet that caters to both looks, with large flowy dresses and more simple options also. Both sessions have their benefits! Let’s explore what each has to offer and help you make the best decision for you and what you’re hoping to capture.

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Studio Maternity Sessions

A studio maternity session offers both lifestyle and fine art options. Lifestyle sessions give moms the chance to capture more casual photos in an intimate setting. Fine art sessions, on the other hand, are typically more stylized with props and backdrops that create unique images that are perfect for displaying in your home or sharing with friends and family. Studio sessions also allow the option for the use of wraps, bodysuits, and a more artistic look. Additionally, studio photo shoots are much easier to plan around nap schedules given that they can be done indoors without worrying about weather changes or unpredictable elements like insects or rain. It’s also easier to change into different outfits during a studio session.

Outdoor Maternity Sessions

If an outdoor maternity session is more your style, there’s nothing quite like capturing golden hour light at sunset or the soft morning light at sunrise—both ideal times for shooting since the sun will offer amazing lighting at those times. You can also take advantage of nature by incorporating different greenery into the shots for added texture and interest. If you choose an outdoor session, you will also have access to wider points of view that just aren’t possible indoors such as large fields, beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, etc., which can also serve as amazing backgrounds for your photos.

As you decide between a studio vs outdoor maternity session, consider what kind of look and feel you want in your photos as well as what type of setting would work best with any little ones involved who might need frequent breaks throughout the day. Once you decide between these two options—or even if you decide on both—you can be rest assured knowing that either way you will end up with beautiful memories that will last forever! Contact me today for details and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.

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