Relieve Pregnancy Aches with Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga Classes


Baby bumps are truly a thing of beauty. They shift and roll. Their gentle kicks and adorable hiccups are wonderful reassurances in the midst of your busy day. And while they’re absolutely precious, they’re not exactly comfortable. You can’t really place a watermelon-sized baby against your spine and expect to feel perfectly fine. If you’re feeling all the aches and pains of pregnancy, it might be time to consider scheduling a prenatal yoga class. These fitness courses will not only give you a great way to stay active during pregnancy, but the postures will provide sweet relief from all the back and body aches. Here are some of the best places around Milwaukee with prenatal yoga classes. 

Take Back Your Body With Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga Classes

Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga

While most studios add in prenatal yoga as an afterthought, Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga was built all around it! The studio has created an inclusive space where you’ll feel like you belong. The primary teacher, Heather R. Burkart, has been training prenatal yoga teachers since 2011. Beyond her work, the studio is constantly finding ways to welcome more people to the mat. Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga has created a scholarship for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color so they can become certified yoga teachers as well. The studio offers workshops, online classes, and in-studio classes. 

Elle Studio + Wellness

Elle Studio + Wellness was founded as a center to empower women. The studio provides various services built to unlock your potential, from personalized self-care to talk therapy. Their prenatal care will help you understand your birth options, work with you to create a birth plan, and teach you how to manage your wellness. The sessions are led by Katie Sukowaty, a doula and prenatal/postnatal yoga instructor. You can book private sessions or schedule one alongside your partner. 

Northshore Wellness Collective

Northshore Wellness Collective is a unique, family-focused studio devoted to keeping everyone feeling their best! The studio is full of doulas, physical therapists, fitness instructors, and life coaches who work with pregnant and postpartum parents as well as their children. The prenatal yoga classes are built for every trimester and are focused on preparing you for labor. They provide additional support circles, sound therapy classes, and newborn sleep workshops.  

Tosa Yoga Center

Since 2006, Tosa Yoga Center has worked with yogis all across Milwaukee to improve their practice. The studio offers a long list of classes, including prenatal yoga as well as parent and baby yoga. During the prenatal classes, you’ll work with experienced teachers who will lead you through poses that strengthen muscles, improve circulation, and focus on breathing. The end of these classes include meditations that will help you relax as well as bond with your growing baby. 

Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga

With a prenatal yoga class, you’ll get to connect with other expecting parents while managing the pains of pregnancy. Try out these Milwaukee prenatal yoga studios so you can feel better! 

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