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Lifestyle sessions are always a favorite, and offer a more candid, documentary feel to your images. My new section in my lifestyle studio features a peacock chair, a daybed, greenery and beautiful decor.

The lifestyle studio is perfect for all types of sessions, including maternity, milestones, family sessions and newborns. With a large window for natural light, its also perfect for anyone that may have sensitivities to flash, or if you just prefer the look of window lighting.

I tend to be a bit more hands off in the lifestyle studio, letting families and little ones interact naturally. This makes for timeless images that perfectly display your personalities and showcases love and laughter in a non-prompted set up.


What should I wear in the lifestyle studio?

  • I totally recommend taking full advantage of my Client Closet! The client closet is stocked full of beautiful dresses for Mom (both maternity and non-maternity) and outfits for littles who fit in clothes up to 12M. For Dads I typically recommend a plain neutral colored shirt, and khakis or jeans. Be prepared to be barefoot, it totally adds to the natural vibe!

Can I use the lifestyle studio and get posed images?

  • The short answer is yes! Each session can utilize both the regular studio and the lifestyle section. The only exception is the family portion of newborn sessions. Because of our limited time during newborn sessions we will need to choose either posed family images or lifestyle family images.

Is there an extra fee to use the studio?

  • Nope! Its included in all of my session fees! So is the use of my client closet!

How would you describe a documentary session?

  • Documentary sessions are about your interactions as a family (or couple!) and less about looking at the camera. Typically I’ll place you in different areas for good lighting, and then let you be! If you’d prefer I can give a few prompts, and of course we can sneak in a few looking at the camera images too!

This studio is an amazing addition to any session, I hope to have you in it soon! To book your session, send me a message here!

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